Don’t ask me for help if ur not willing to help youself.
Learn to be considerate to who are trying to be considerate of you.

21.Apr.14 2 days ago
20.Apr.14 2 days ago
It worked! It worked! :> Now I get to follow one of the coolest people in Williamsport! I'm actually kind of shocked to learn that your real name is Alexis, Kookie just seems to fit you so well. =p

Lol I wouldn’t say all of that and I’ll follow you back.
That’s what everyone says so I just keep it I’m not a big fan of my first name

20.Apr.14 2 days ago
My phone won't let me follow you! :0 What is this devil magic?!

Oh the fuckery D:
Try goin through your browser

20.Apr.14 2 days ago